Sunday, August 21, 2005

To boldly go where everyone has gone ad Nauseum...

For someone who feels a bit entrenched in geek pop culture (as cinema has moved that way), there have always been certain deficiancies in my geek knowledge. One of the most damning was thatI never really read comic books (my sensibilities were more in tune with Mad Magazine), and I was never all that into Star Trek (in fact I saw more episodes of Facts of Life). I ended up seeing Search for Spock in the theater when my Grandfather was in town, a rare chance to see the man, who lived in Texas and came to visit about three times in his life. We never went to him, that was just the way it was. My cinema culture was different at that point, video was just starting to kick in (I think we got a Betamax around 1984-5), and for me the thrill of seeing SFS was simply going to the theater, where I began to learn more about movies through video and TV screenings, while my father instilled in me a love of the Saturday Night Live players, and comedians like Cheech and Chong (somehow considered perfect for 12 years olds, why I don't know). My parents were picky about what my brother and I saw, so we definitely made out way to the Star Wars films, but not Raiders, or Temple of Doom. Gremlins and Ghostbusters, but no Superman III. My father did take me to see The Right Stuff, though. I also saw Dune in the theater.... strange filmgoing time. I did a double feature of Star Trek IV and Police Academy Four, skipped Five, and have seen every Trek in a theater since, to continually diminshing returns. I guess I was just more into the movies, and the TV show seemed like nerdbait.

Work, however, has put Season Three on me, and I've watched the majority of it and became a bit hooked. I see the shows flaws, but I think the show is successful for two reasons. The first is pussy, to put it plainly. Every episode has a hot girl in it, and usually someone on the Enterprise is getting their fuck on. I think it also helps explain the geek appeal. But the show drips horniness. The second is that Kirk is the perfect enbodiment of the Kennedy-esque leader, in charge, take charge, and always smarter than his opponents. But he's also very very horny. As such, I've decided to watch all the Star Trek, so I'm on Star Trek The Original Series Season One. The other major benefit is that there are so many references I've missed over the years that keep hitting me while watching it.

Oh, and I wrote this:
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