Sunday, August 28, 2005

Of all the gin joints in the world...

I go to see where Broken Social Scene are playing in Los Angeles, and it turns out that they're playing literally blocks from where I live. Which is sweet if you know LA and its traffic. I may even walk to the show (or at least part of the way). This will be my third BSS show, it's interesting to track my life by it. The first time was in October of 2003, and I had just broken up with someone I was with for three years. I remember at the concert there was a girl I was eyeing, and I got the feeling she was trying to throw her roomate at me, or the roommate liked me more. Couldn't tell. That said, there was still flirting going on and the girl I liked said to me "You've got a good geek cool going for you." which I referenced elsewhere on this here blog. I was with a friend (whom I drove) and he got rather hammered so we ended up ditching out before the show was over. At the time I wasn't 100% sold on the band, but numerous relistens to You Forgot it In People got me hooked, and I couldn't wait to see them again.

The next time was in May of 2004, and was one of the best concert going experiences of my life. Scratch that. The best. Shortly thereafter I made contact with a girl who I ended up seeing for a couple of weeks. In March of that year, things went bad for me (well, bad is sort of an exageration). Or, that is to say, in March of 2004 my life had to change and forced me on the road I'm on now. I am lucky enough in life to suggest that few things have been truly damaging to me, instead I look at it as just the way it went down, you know? Well, I got laid off, and it was hard cause I had my own home in Portland, and basically it forced me to leave town. Which was, by all means, the right thing to do. But it hurt. Well, it did and it didn't. I spent a year not working and wrote a lot, and moved and now I'm settled (as it were) in LA. But few major transitions are clean, and you're going to leave some friends behind that you won't get to see for months/years, and you hope that they last. But 28 was a hard year.

I say that because this year (my 29th) has been pretty awesome. I'm writing something that looks like it'll be made, I had a walk-on in a movie, I have a job I like, things seem to be moving well. I wonder what November 8th will bring.