Thursday, August 04, 2005

Almost cool enough

But not quite good enough. There's better posters for this bad boy. I should know, I bought one for a girlfriend, and have another framed in my kitchen.

By the way, if you miss me (and how could you not) know that I have a new gig that involves different hours, that offer me better traffic opportunities, but later nights, and undefined hours. I've already worked 28 hours this week, and I've still got two days to go. You might think that would cut down my movie time. Bitch, please. I've seen way too many movies lately. I watched The Last Waltz again, and fuck me, that's a great documentary. I may be scarce for a bit here (doubtful), but with Le Samourai coming, know that's there is good in this world, for I now have a fallback gift for weddings, birthdays, brisses and funerals.