Friday, December 01, 2006

Up with the baby

My life is routine. Baby Baby Baby. Baby Baby Baby. Baby Baby Baby. I got that feeling, uh, baby baby I got that feeling. Anything going on? More baby talk, not about this one. I'm talking to Aili that I think we should wait to try until the summer. Have the second in Feb-March. Maybe even April. Keep the kids birthdays apart and away from Xmas. Still we've been fucking without protection a lot lately. Aili doesn't want to go on the pill, and we're fucking married, so condoms? Maybe we'll get a diaphram or something. I might use condoms, but Aili's attitude is also that she's not a fan. I got The Electric Company Set 2 for the kid (it was on sale, will get the first shortly). Wish I had drugs to watch it with him. Presents keep coming in. Very nice. I mean we had to pony up for a lot of stuff, like the crib, and the first set of clothes, and fucking diapers are insane. We're still trying to figure out Christmas. There's talk of going to Portland. Baby on a Plane, not crazy about it, but it's a two hour flight, so it's not as mean. If we go through Burbank, then, I don't know. I've been going on about four hours of sleep a night.