Sunday, February 19, 2006

A High Seas Adventure featuring Dolphins and Fucking

Yesterday was classic. After a couple hours of puttering (to which my mom got antsy), we decided to head out for some LA sightseeing and stuffdoing. The two (out of three, if my cat counts) women in my life joined me in going to In and Out Burger and then the plan was to go to the Getty Museum. Aili sat in the back seat and I constantly checked on her in the backseat, so much so that she started making faces at me, which - honestly - was getting me kind of horny, something we're going to have to wait until tonight to do something about. The ride was slightly tense as Aili wanted to smoke, but my mom said she'd prefer if she didn't. Aili's been on again off again about quitting, and I never seem to be able to sway her to pick one or the other. Sometimes she'll come home and report how much she smoked, as if she wanted to make penance. But mostly this is stuff I leave off the blog cause who cares, right? Anyway, the mood finally starts to lighten up, as Aili makes the perfect sort of exploratory comments that flatter my mother, and my mom gets to embarrass me in front of my wife. Knowing what's going on, I felt politically I had to take it to make things right.

We get there, it's seven bucks for parking. No one had cash. We were told of a gas station a couple blocks away that would have cash. My mom decides to scrap it. This is standard mom behavior: plan something, don't go through with it. The illusion of having done something without the actual doing. At least the 405 was reasonable.

Aili said she had some work to do, so she took off for her office around four (she got back around ten, when my mom went to bed the night before), and my mom made some comments about Aili's accent ("I can't tell when she's being sarcastic"), but seemed encouraging about our future, even though she's been briefed on the situation. Then we watched The 40 Year Old Virgin, and had a couple of drinks. It's sort of fun to drink with your parents.

Mom begins to go to my room, and Aili showed up a couple of minutes later, and before we could get to sleep, she starts telling me what she thinks of my mom in hushed tones. There's something about having your mom a couple feet away that kills the sex urge, that reduces you to a state of adolescence, and last night was no different. Still it was fun to hear Aili say that she liked that my mom could be (to use her words) "a right cunt."