Sunday, August 05, 2007

Something I did for Myspace that I find funny... Guess the show.

Jerry: Every single time I log in, there's some band or woman trying to add me.
George: So have you added them?
Jerry: I like the MYspace illusion of friendship more. I'd rather it be people that I'm MySpace friends with. It's like a real friendship except without the work. If I look at their blog or profile every once in a while, it's like I know something about them without having to have participated in their life. So when I do see them I can say "Hey, so you dated that girl with one arm who who was a vegan.That must have been interesting."
George: See, Jerry, I add as many as I can so people think that I have more friends. They only look at your top eight.
Jerry: It's like the illusion of popularity.
George: People don't scroll past your top friends if they can help it. Obviously if a chick looks at all of them I'm screwed, but for most people.
Jerry: You look like the king of the party!
George: Exactly, Jerry! It's like, I've discovered a whole new venue to appear important through no effort whatsoever.
Jerry: No effort whatsoever!
George: If someone sees that I have 498 friends they'll think I'm the life of the party.
Jerry: But do you have a slut contingency plan?
George A slut contingency plan?
Jerry: if you get busted.
George: I'll tell them I worked for a short time as an editor in the adult film industry.
Jerry: Brilliant!
George: Brilliant! The Costanza mind knows how to deal with such contingencies.
Jerry: But what about the bands?
George: I worked for the Yankees, as if being a concert promoter is all that far out of reach?
Jerry: You haven't just jerry-rrigged MySpace, you've Gerrycostanza'd it.
George: For this. For this, I am a god of the myspace.
Jerry: So when's your first Myspace date?
George: Well, there's this one girl. She looks cute, but the pictures...
Jerry: Let me guess, all weird angles?
George: But she has REALLY GOOD TASTE.
Jerry: I'm sure that'll make up for it.
George: For what?
Jerry: Certain angles, you may have a secret fatty.
Jerry: You don't know about the secret fatties?