Saturday, July 14, 2007

As my wife turned to me

She said "You're the best dancer here."

Such was the scene tonight. I'd feign some modesty, if A) my wife hadn't made it plain I'm the better dancer of the two of us (though she's a wizard in the sack) and B)anyone out last night was interested in dancing.

Where was I?

After my Father-in-law's passing, my mom in law decided she needed to stay with us for a couple of months. Now my mom is also asking for the same privilege. I like our home, but being so close to a parent is weird, cause I like to fuck. Even in Burbank, there's generally only one floor in a house around here. So the near-mom is not all that far away from us (though Lee is our room, usually). But, at the same time, I now have a co-conspirator to raise my son. This is great, and with a Finnish nanny, when I say "Oh fuck, god damn it, shit" when - say - Lee accidentally gives my nuts a what for, I get no flack. I guess my mom is coming to stay with us in about two months, and I'm cool with that, but she's a little more flesh and blood. I don't want to have a convo with my mom about my fucking habits. With my wife back at work, and now with a go-to nanny, we've decided that we owe ourselves Friday and Saturday nights, so after tucking Lee in, we go out dancing. Sometimes we get an hour in, other nights we get out by 10:30, it all depends. But me and the wife have been dancing alot, and being tired is part of the game.

But tonight it was bad. Though I was always get hit on. Which is nice, the wife finds it amusing. At least. And she fucked me when we got home. So I win.