Saturday, November 25, 2006

I just bought the Criterion collection of John Cassavetes

Good Lord, when am I ever going to have that weekend? When I do, I'm sure I'll be wrecked after. Well, what better motivation to make a list of Criterion titles that make a library complete. I skipped multiple titles by the same director unless they were in a box set. Since every film listed is a masterpiece, I'll skip the commentary.

1) The Rules of the Game
2) Trouble in Paradise
3) Six Moral Tales
4) Red Beard
5) Straw Dogs
6) Au hasard Balthazar
7) In the Mood for Love
8) Le samouraï
9) All That Heaven Allows
10) I Know Where I'm Going!
11) The Adventures of Antoine Doinel
12) The Lady Eve
13) Orphic Trilogy
14) Yi Yi
15) Naked
16) Pickup on South Street
17) The Complete Mr. Arkadin
18) The Leopard
19) Do the Right Thing
20) Fists in the Pocket