Sunday, July 16, 2006

Returning to Portland

Went to the P-Town this weekend with the wife. For those I didn't see, I'm sorry. It was a weird trip. Showing the wife where I grew up. Introducing her, such as it was, to my father. I had a great time. My friend Heather turned 30 on Thursday so I came into town to hang with her, but also the wife is getting there (we're at the sixth month point now) so it's going to be hard to travel after the kid's born.

Being in Portland again, this time the differences were acute. Driving around with Scott, he mentioned traffic, and my response was "Yeah, Portland traffic."There were a couple of moments like that. But hanging out with my mom while we shopped at Zupan's, there is a lot that I miss about Portland. I mean the bottom line is that (for better or worse) Portland is way less serious a town. You feel comfortable looking at the people walking around you because you're likely to see someone you know walking around. And I did, just walking around, I'd see people I knew. Someone I dated seven years ago. Strange. In Los Angeles, you're more likely to see a celebrity than an old friend. And the town doesn't seem a openly social, maybe because it's so spread out and nuts, whereas even New York features more carousing. It's just that much smaller, but it's so beautiful. Coming back, it was sort of depressing, especially in this heat.

But I got to spend a huge chunk of time with Scott and Heather, and they got to hang around my wife. You find your rhythms. And you hope your wife likes your friends cause that's gonna be a problem if they don't. I got a couple with Scott and Heath hung with the wife, and it went super well. I think they became fast friends. Heath had a party for her birthday, and it was superfun, introducing my wife to people I ahdn't seen in a while. Doing Karaoke. Though the wife was not happy with how much I drank. To which I feel bad.

The dad thing. Hard. Very hard.