Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sunday, Sunday

Dracula 72
Night of the Lepus

"the sight of a hundred overgrown rabbits isn't exactly panic-inducing; in fact, it may be more cuddle-inducing. There's nothing all that predatory about a bunny, even when its face is smeared with blood or it's made to protrude its front teeth (which aren't frightening incisors because, well, they're not pointy or threatening)."

It's more fun to write about that movie than watch it, but just the same.

I am fucking beat. Not because of any weekend daliances, but due to a cold that has kept me under the covers for the last two days. Yesterday I had to watch the films I reviewed, and I couldn't keep my attention focused on the film for longer than fifteen mintues without getting distracted. Colds do that to me. Fortunately I think my ill mood helped the reviews. I will be getting all four Batman movies this week. I'm going to try to review at least two of them (possibly three) next week. Today, with the heavy lifting done, and the DVDJ put to bed, I'm going to curl up under my blanket, watch some Star Trek and some Val Lewton, drink lots of liquids, and hope I feel better for tomorrow. Lame.